Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Is Cordoba "The" Place to Hunt Doves? Or...Is It?

If you have heard or read about hunting doves in Argentina you have undoubtedly come across information about Cordoba.  For the last twenty years Cordoba has become the poster-child for the entire dove hunting scene.  The result of this fame has created fierce competition for leases in the best flyways.  Rights to hunt these properties have become highly sought after.   A little more research will reveal that almost all of the lodges located in the area are offering the same hunts for the same properties.   The question is, "How many great places to shoot are there...?"

On a "normal" hunting day there are at least a dozen or more hunters trying to get the same spot that you are trying to get.  So, there is always a race to get to "the spot" at the well known lodges.   Recently, a couple of lodges took a new direction and began hunting a new area in between the more well known hunting areas.  The result has been very well received.  While others fighting for field space these lodges are enjoying no competition.....  I suspect the word will get out over the coming years and it will become as competitive as Cordoba.  But for now....this may be a good option for the hunter who wants to avoid the crowd.

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